Event 3: A ROUND (PICNIC) TABLE – This Saturday

26 November 2012

* Please send this invitation to your friends, neighbors, networks & lists!  Thank you!

Saturday 1st December
Come anytime between 1-5 PM

Darling Foundry, 745 Rue Ottawa
(Enter via Queen Street entrance)

I am currently in Montreal, from Sydney, Australia on residence at the Darling Foundry.  I’d like to invite you, your friends, neighbors, collectives and communities, to come picnic inside an inflatable structure I have made and talk about your experiences, memories and stories of food in Montreal.  Conversations throughout the picnic will be drawn directly onto the floor of the inflatable as we eat, mapping some ideas of how food intersects with art, architecture, radical spaces and radical organising.  

Picnic food will be provided by The Midnight Kitchen.  Feel free to stop by anytime between 1-5 PM, and to B.Y.O.B.

Hope you can come eat and talk with us!

A little more about the project: Gonflables et amuse-bouches
Keg de Souza

Gonflables et amuse-bouches features an inflatable structure, constructed out of disposable tablecloths, designed to host food related events and discussions about food politics and radical spaces, the literal English translation being, “Inflatables and mouth-amusers.”   Gonflables et amuse-bouches is based around a series of discussions & dinners in my studio where the inflatable structure is built.  Some of the questions driving the project include: what do you think the role of food is in community building? How do you think the role of food differs in the realms of art and activism? What are the politics of food art?

The inflatable architecture echoes radical spaces not bound by the restrictions of rigid structures and offers a space to consider and discuss the meeting of food, space, art, architecture and radical possibility. The dialogues at the affiliated events will be documented in a variety of ways in a publication that will be launched within the inflatable structure in mid-December.

L’artiste australienne Keg de Souza, présentement en résidence à la Fonderie Darling, invite amis, voisins, collectifs et communautés, à pique-niquer dans une structure gonflable faite à la main, et à partager des expériences, des souvenirs et des histoires liées à la nourriture à Montréal. Les conversations tenues lors du pique-nique seront tracées directement au sol, sur la surface de la structure, pendant le repas,afin de cartographier certaines idées à propos des intersections entre la nourriture et l’art, l’architecture, les espaces radicaux et l’organisation radicale. La nourriture sera servie par Midnight Kitchen, les invités peuvent apporter leurs breuvages.