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Redfern Waterloo: Tour of Beauty, (SquatSpace) (2005-) consisted of a bus (or bike) tour of the inner Sydney suburbs of Redfern and Waterloo. The tour highlighted particular sites which were threatened by the Redfern Waterloo Authority’s plan to “revitalise” the area.

Each tour lasted 4-5 hours, and tourists were addressed by various representatives of the local community – for example, from the Aboriginal Housing Company, the local Indigenous Women’s Centre, the Settlement Community Centre, the REDWatch activist group, architects, designers, and the Indigenous Social Justice Association.

Each speaker presented their perspective on the rapidly gentrifying suburb. The tour asked: what was to be lost and what was to be gained by the process of urban transformation? How could it be done better? And how would it affect people on the ground?

About 15 tours were run during the period 2005-2009.

The Tour of Beauty operated as a piece of aesthetic activism, providing a complex but concrete experience of urban social and architectural dynamics. The Tour was a plug-in for various conferences, exhibitions and visiting study groups. It was the catalyst for meetings between Indigenous and white activists in Sydney, and led to many spin off projects, the most visible being the large-scale exhibition event There Goes the Neighbourhood (2009).

The tour was offered in conjunction with numerous exhibitions, festivals and conferences including:

Disobedience, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, 2005
If You See Something, Say Something, Mori Gallery, 2007
ArtLanguage: Every Publishable Place, Cross Arts Project Space, 2006
There Goes The Neighbourhood, Performance Space, 2009
ChangeX Conference, Sydney University, 2006
GANG Festival, Sydney, 2006
Concrete Culture (in conjunction with Sydney Biennale),
Ivan Dougherty Gallery, 2008
Heaven on Earth – Keep Going, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, 2007.
Engage Conference, University of Technology, Sydney, 2006.
Terra Nullius, ACC Weimer and Halle 14 Leipzig, Germany, 2009

A “ten year anniversary tour” is planned for Redfern-Waterloo in 2015.

In 2015, the project was shortlisted for the 2nd International Award for Public Art.

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More information on SquatSpace here

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  • There Goes The Neighbourhood Installation view

  • There Goes The Neighbourhood Installation view

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