Temporary Spaces, Edible Places Publications

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Temporary Spaces, Edible Places (2014-) is a series of publications that accompany the participatory picnic series of the same name. The publications are produced after the performative picnics, where the conversation is mapped onto the flooring of the inflatable. As a means to document and disseminate these ideas, each publication features a fold-out map produced from this floor map and elaborates on histories and conversations related to the specific place the picnic was held.

From Printed Matter website:

“Temporary Spaces, Edible Places: London” is a cookbook of ideas with recipes for discussion. The themes relate to food eaten during the picnic event Temporality in Architecture, Food and Communities as part of the Delfina Foundation’s Public Domain program in London where the artist was in residence in 2014. The organized picnic takes place inside an inflatable dome as a way to host a dialogue with others interested in exploring the political intersections of food and space. The publication includes photographs from the picnic and textual documentation, as well as a bonus fold-out poster of the diagrammatic experience.

Available through; Booklyn, NY; Printed Matter, NY; Sticky, Melbourne and Books Kinokuniya, Sydney.


  • Temporary Spaces, Edible Places: Isle of Skye Scotland

  • Installation view, AC Institute, NY, 2015