Living Under The Stars

Inflatables, Mapping
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Living Under The Stars (2012) is a mapping of the night sky as seen from Sydney, an urban solution for stargazing of sorts. This lightweight inflatable planetarium allows visitors to lie inside the inflatable dome and gaze upwards into the delicately crafted night sky. An intricate web of over 300 twinkling stars that light up individually, corresponding to the constellations seen from the Southern Hemisphere.

Inflatable architecture, programmed Arduino computers, LED lights, fan, fake beaver fur.
Commissioned by Urban Art Projects, Brisbane.

Living Under the Stars was also part of the Star Stories project at Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre at the Melbourne Museum in November 2015: “For thousands of years people from all around the world have looked to the night sky to connect with their creation stories, seasonal changes and navigation through land and the seas. Story telling and the exchange of traditional cultural stories is a vehicle for cross-cultural understanding and celebration. Where Uncle Larry Walsh along with Koorie Community, Pacific Island Nations and members from the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre put together a collection of galactic journeys.”

and will be part of the Wominjeka Festival 2016 at Footscray Community Arts Centre

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